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Field Notes Cherry Memo Book Reviews

From Field Notes


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Field Notes Cherry Memo Book Reviews (5 total)

Paul Pearson ·
Love the wood look!
Kevin Jin ·
Considering that $10 can get you three of these things, they should be on the list of anyone who cares about organization. While it's true that your smartphone could be a more powerful note taking tool, it comes off as inappropriate if you pull out your phone in the middle of a conversation to jot down what someone says. By pulling out a notebook and pen, there is no miscommunication, it means "I care about what you say".
John Malecki ·
I carry my field notes in a Onestar leather wallet with a hand turned pen.
Russell Romney ·
Used to take quick notes, transferred to Moleskine usually. Back packet. Love the cherry design
Nick Janssen ·
Field Notes for keeping track of my daily observations, thoughts, ideas, and goals.