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I just got This one. I got the limited addition TOPO. I’ve carried it to work a couple times so far it’s nice. I love the clip on it giving the ability to just snap it to my belt loop. I left my wave and my pocket knife those days and I was very happy with the carry. I’ve really been showing this one off!
Jon M ·
Classic multitool offering the essentials in a lightweight package. A combo serrated & straight edge knife is easily opened with one hand. A bottle opener/carabiner that is readily available. A bit driver with both phillips and flathead bits to change out on the fly. Then you have needlenose & regular pliers, along with wire cutters (I use these the least, but have used them nonetheless).

Finally, it just looks so slick. One of my all-time favorites for sure.
Doug ·
Tool is light enough for pocket carry everyday with enough tools that the Leatherman Wave in my car usually seems superfluous. The locking, outside-accessible blade makes carrying a separate, dedicated knife a thing of the past. Pocket clip works fine, and carabiner can be used as suspension clip in pants pockets for very low-profile carry. Have looked at upgrading to the Leatherman Skeletool CX for the non-serrated blade and good looks. Otherwise, this has been my tool of choice for 6+ years and is likely to stay that way.
Ryan Lewis ·
I love this multitool. It is light enough to not be bulky and strong enough to be useful in a variety of situations. Highly recommend.
Gerald Woller ·
My EDC tool. I use it almost every day in my studio.
Mikey Mesina ·
Just a nice compact easy multi tool that doesn’t take up too much space. Can’t go wrong with a leatherman
Hams Kenoby ·
7 herramientas en 1: incluye un cuchillo, alicates, un gran destornillador intercambiable, cortadores de alambre y un mosquetón/abrebotellas; incluye una broca adicional almacenada en el mango
Kris ·
What can you say about this beauty that hasn’t been said already! Staple of my EDC.
Gerald Woller ·
Not too big or cumbersome. Get's used almost every day. Plus I like the blue color.
Ken ·
Great lightweight everyday carry multi-tool
Limited edition TOPO
Gerald Woller ·
Fantastic EDC tool. Clips into pocket and only has the tools I need every day. Nothing extra to weigh you down.
Justice Georgopoulos ·
A hardcore and capable multi tool.
Next to the wave this is one of my favorite leathermans.
John McDonald ·
I always have a cutting tool, the skeletool is perfect for an urban environment. When I am doing more outdoor stuff, I transition to my Leather Wave!
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