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Tool is light enough for pocket carry everyday with enough tools that the Leatherman Wave in my car usually seems superfluous. The locking, outside-accessible blade makes carrying a separate, dedicated knife a thing of the past. Pocket clip works fine, and carabiner can be used as suspension clip in pants pockets for very low-profile carry. Have looked at upgrading to the Leatherman Skeletool CX for the non-serrated blade and good looks. Otherwise, this has been my tool of choice for 6+ years and is likely to stay that way.
I love this multitool. It is light enough to not be bulky and strong enough to be useful in a variety of situations. Highly recommend.
Next to the wave this is one of my favorite leathermans.
I always have a cutting tool, the skeletool is perfect for an urban environment. When I am doing more outdoor stuff, I transition to my Leather Wave!
Coyote skeletool
This is my go to for a multi-tool. I like that it has a spare blade for me that is accessible without opening the knife. Lightweight, I use the pliers more then I care to admit and the screw drivers in the bit set are awesome. This tool saves me from having to walk over to my tool box more times then not in a typical work day. I would be hard pressed to take this out of my E.D.C.
Now if they would only make it in orange to match the start of the theme I am going for.
Perfect EDC Multi tool, compact with a pocket clip and one handed opening and closing knife without opening up the whole multi tool
This tool is great for taking the place of both my multi-tool and knife
Best lil multi tool to keep for everyday tasks.i enjoy the nut driver the most!
Between this and my knife I can get through every EDC task! Great tool to have!
Damascus blade from Texas Tool Crafters.
Damascus blade from Texas Tool Crafters.
Leatherman Skeletool in original sheath
Damascus steel & Carbon Fiber by Texas Tool Crafters
+homemade paracord lanyard
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