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jack mehoff ·
The name says it all. Classic. Great for a keychain. Tweezers are great. Knife is as good as a tiny knife is going to be. Lightweght and well made, it will last you forever. Though I rarely carry it (due to carrying a bigger and therefore more capable edc multitool....leatherman wave). Nonetheless, this is good and classy in a small lightweight package.
I've been carrying these for years, for good reason. It's inconspicuous, not intimidating in public, and is versatile. Small blade, nice scissors, easy to carry.
I carry one of these little bad boys with me every day in my fifth pocket. I like to always have a toothpick. Also the tweezers come in handy more than you would think.
Have carried this item for three years on keyring and couldn't imagine not having one
Rafael Moriel ·
Even though it is the smaller of these types it is high quality and very useful. This is a real "classic" for a reason- very well made and inexpensive.
Ponsho Sepulveda ·
Ben ·
"Classic" must-have. I own a dozen in different colours. Perfect for key chains or in change / watch pockets. can't go wrong with having one of these on you at all times.
Eric Lee ·
A classic. The Silver Alox looks great and the small size is hardly noticeable in your pocket but is extremely useful.
Scott Wicksted ·
One of the most useful items I have ever owned. I have carried one of these for 20 + years. Keeps a good edge and has been used literally every day. I have this in black too!
Everardo Balandran Jr. ·
Sharp, easy to carry and conceal, and very handy.
Jordan ·
Very sharp blade! Extremely tiny wonder tool with excellent tools that all work as intended! Just be careful with that non-locking blade as it is very sharp!
For personal grooming on the go. Don't think I ever used the small blade, but scissors, nail file, and tweezers get used daily.
Hey8 ·
Black. usefull. compact. nice price.
David ·
But in black.
R Virchow ·
Did you know you can get replacements of the little toothpick? I got like 6 now.
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