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Ben ·
For personal grooming on the go. Don't think I ever used the small blade, but scissors, nail file, and tweezers get used daily.
Hey8 ·
Black. usefull. compact. nice price.
David ·
But in black.
R Virchow ·
Did you know you can get replacements of the little toothpick? I got like 6 now.
Erik G ·
Very useful
Alvaro Grijalba ·
Super portable and plenty of uses in a sturdy and light body
Justin Robben ·
While I love the look of the Alox versions, the toothpick and tweezers are a must.
Erik G ·
Very handy, I already have a backup waiting for this one to break.
Diamantino Rolo ·
Abdul Azim ·
Light weight
Keegan Bedeker ·
Victorinox Classic SD with 550 Paracord Lanyard.
Justin Espinoza ·
I’ve always had one on me since I was a kid. They can be lifesavers sometimes. Not literally, but you get it lol
Chief elives ·
Henri Pretorius ·
My newest edition to my EDC. I had a blue one on my keys for years, but the scissors broke, so it was time for a replacement. Super handy little tool that I use a lot of different purposes such as opening packages, nail care, removing splinters etc...
Abdul Azim ·
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