Hell Bent Holsters Combat Wallet Reviews


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Hell Bent Holsters Combat Wallet Reviews (12 total)

Great wallet! Nice and compact. Carry it in my front pocket and hardly even notice it, even with the money clip. Sturdy construction won't let your cards bend. I highly recommend this wallet.
This is the stonewashed variant with the cold steel clip, i won it in a GAW of hellbent Holsters and cold steel on instagram.
For me is the perfect wallet, is small, functional, rugged and looks cool
First version with money clip
New Coyote-color hellbent wallet, without moneyclip.
Handy Made In USA wallet
Includes titanium Money Clip
Best wallet I've ever known.
Great wallet.
Been rocking this wallet for a while still love it, custom money clip done by a friend of mine.
Love this wallet, designed the money clip myself.
Custom TI Jedi Money Clip
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