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Chums Surfshorts Wallet Reviews

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Chums Surfshorts Wallet Reviews (12 total)

Zuwairi ·
Simple, durable and minimalist
Richard Wezensky ·
Cheap and perfect
michael tracy ·
Best alternative wallet I found
Lots of stuff inside
Dan S ·
Holds a lot more than you would expect. Good quality. Zipper pouches keep everything in. Built-in keyring keeps things organized.
My Chums Surfshort wallet houses not only my extra credit cards, all in RFID blocking sleeves, but also a handcuff key, classic swiss army knife, Fenix E01 light, a fisher space pen bullet with a diy clip, a Zebra stylus pen, a dude wipe, and an apple lightning to 3.5mm adapter.
Awesome multipurpose wallet. It holds cards plus my fisher space pen, Victorinox Classic, and my Fenix E01.
zaus ·
Best combination of size, capacity, utility -- thin, expandable wallet with 3 pockets to hold anything, and an anchor point so you don't lose it.
Kinetic Wash ·
After trying dozens of wallets I setled on this one because it's light and has 3 slots, 2 of which are zippered which is proving top be invaluable
I'm not a surfer, but I love this simple wallet
I use this as an EDC organizer of sorts
Ken ·
Great minimilist wallet