Fisher Space Pen With Clip


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Drop it in your pocket and forget about it.
It will always serve you well.
A classic stowaway pen. Works great, but is about impossible to use 1 handed.
Really compact and cool!
Everyone talks about this pen, I never leave home without it I love this pen forever. I will be buried with this pen.
Carry this pen everyday. Very good size for an already crowded EDC and it writes no matter what the conditions are. Highly recommend you will not be disappointed!
Fischer Space Pen With Clip Black
It writes anywhere, anytime. And looks cool.
Very Nice little pen, good build quality and folds up to the size of nothing. Good for moddeling systems on the go.
This pen is so compact And ready to use.
Good size and has touch stylus.
Everybody knows why we got this pen. :D
Always like to have a pen handy and at weekends this is easy to slip in a pocket.
I usually prefer Gel pens (Pilot Juice) but in terms of sizing, this pen is amazing.
I might love Fisher Space Pens a bit too much. I always have to have one on me.
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