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Fisher Space Pen With Clip Reviews

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Fisher Space Pen With Clip Reviews (62 total)

Rhoarin ·
Drop it in your pocket and forget about it.
It will always serve you well.
Doug ·
The Fisher Bullet Pen is an EDC classic. I love how small and compact it carries closed, how it's full sized when opened, and how the magic Fisher ink refill just keeps going like an energizer bunny. Matte black finish works great for all the basic bros with "blacked out" carries. Only concern is longevity, as I've now had two of these fall apart on me. To be fair, they were carried in back pockets and sat upon regularly.
Damon ·
Classic. Reliable. Good enough for NASA

Jan ·
It writes anywhere, anytime. And looks cool.
BigOrangePA ·
A classic stowaway pen. Works great, but is about impossible to use 1 handed.
Kirk McGuire ·
Really compact and cool!
Jerry Pruitt ·
Everyone talks about this pen, I never leave home without it I love this pen forever. I will be buried with this pen.
Robert ·
Carry this pen everyday. Very good size for an already crowded EDC and it writes no matter what the conditions are. Highly recommend you will not be disappointed!
Paul Pearson ·
Love it!!
Jonah ·
Probably the first EDC item I carried before I knew EDC was a thing. I love pens. I carried a Moleskine pen or a Lamy Safari for a while, but they usually stayed in my bag because of their length. I dig this Space Pen though. It's kind of adorable, but when opened up it has great weight. My favorite part is that it writes like a full sized pen but disappears in the pocket. I was originally going to get a Kaweco Sport, but this was 1/3 the price and I just graduated college so....
Marshall Moore ·
Fisher space pen bullet with clip black matte
Fisher space pen bullet with clip black matte
Fisher space pen bullet with clip (black matte)
Fisher space pen with clip (black matte)
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