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Leatherman Crunch 68010101K Reviews

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The Crunch I got from a family member who didn't have a use for a set of vise grips. I gladly accepted it with the intention of making a profit by selling it online (is that bad? hehe). Little did I know that my hood opener latch on my old truck broke off leaving a little piece of metal to grab to open my hood. The Leatherman Crunch now has a home in my truck and its main function for me is to open my hood when needed.
The serrated blade is sharp and the secure lock when using it is superb. I'm not sure if this model is still being made though...
One problem with this tool if you are not understand it it is not for you, I had to have it and it is excellent to have lock it down lock it down and go to work. Get You one for your EDC Now!
This isn't my only full-sized multi-tool but it is my favorite hands down. It has everything you need, nothing you don't. I do wish the knife was accessible from the outside and that the wire cutter blades were changeable. Having a vise-grip makes up for it. If you work on metal this is your multi-tool
I bought the Crunch to replace a Skeletool that got run over by a bus and the Leatherman agency wouldn't repair. Great swap! It's a fiddly tool to operate, but the locking pliers have a multitude of uses. The screwdriver selection is poor (who needs three sizes of flat drivers?) and there's no can opener, but the hidden gem is the ¼ inch hex when the adjustment screw is removed. You can use bits you already own instead of buying the special Leatherman set. A ¼ inch square drive adapter allows you to use sockets as well. All the extras can be carried in a cigar tube.
Leatherman locking pliers. Good for heavy duty jobs, and it's only about 4 inches fully closed. It has the sharpest serrated edge I have ever owned. Has only the tools you need and nothing you don't need.