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Giovanni ·
This is the longer 93mm version. Great VG-10 steel. Love this blade because it's light weight and fits slim in the pocket
American Flag ·
Spydercos are excellent knives with great design, durability and blade quality. With this knife, you get an impressive rescue tool for an affordable price. It is a thick knife, clearly designed with professionals in mind and to be handled with or without gloves. The whistle is a gimmick; I would use a real survival whistle if I went camping and not blow in my knife.. The rest of the features are top-of-the-line. The Assist I has a razor-sharp thick blade and the tip is not just blunt, but nicely rounded (designed not to prick or stab, but not for prying either like the Benchmade 916, for example). This knife is unique: the clever system to expose the carbide tip isn't found on any other rescue knife, and there is no separate hook or safety belt cutter carved into the handle. Instead, what you get is a sturdy and thick handle that feels great in the hand and original wavy patterns along the blunt side of the blade and inside the handle. You are supposed to open the blade slightly and place whatever material you want to cut (seat belt, rope), HOLD IT TIGHT (something people who claim the knife doesn't cut forget to do) and press the knife closed while ripping what you want to cut. The knife is a more bulky compared to other models, but still lightweight. I have the beautiful and plain Benchmade 916, which is slimmer, but heavier. When you look at the details of the design and the blade, the Spyderco Assist I is definitely a thoroughly thought out rescue knife and very sturdy at a good price for this quality (the Benchmade 916 is almost twice as expensive). You get VG-10 here, whereas you'll get an inferior steel even in the famous Hinderer rescue knife. Another hit from Spyderco, highly recommended.