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John B. ·
I enjoy jotting down my thoughts in my Field Notes notebook. Very durable after carrying around and opening all the time.
Luc Harvey ·
Nice, but Clairefontaine same size is much (so much) better. The paper quality is average on the Field Notes while it's very good quality on the Clairefontaine. Field notes are $10 for 3 with 48 pages each. Clairefontaine are $4 each, but for 96 pages. For Fountain Pen lovers, Field Notes paper's is not FP friendly. It feather (Clairefountaine are Fountain pen friendly). FN advertising is good, but does not compare positively with other brands.
Vince ·
I use these when I hand out leather notepad holders, a customer favorite.
Stone Nickerson ·
fits great in pocket great for daily reminders
Handy awesome notebook. Lovely paper to write on. Fits in your pocket and in the mini maxpedition perfectly. I never leave the house without one. The colours subscription my field notes is a great way to always have them around and worth the price.
The best notebooks out there and fits nicely in the mini maxpediton.
Nicholas Chopp ·
On person.
Vy Nguyen ·
Free Field Notes bought on a Wednesday.
Corey Olszewski ·
Great for quick notes anywhere.
Tom Macarol ·
This is the dotted version and this is probably the best notebook you can get!
The Honey do List
Alphie ·
Paul Pearson ·
Very cool
no comment. one of the best with the rite in the rain
Matthew ·
Though I of course like the subdued grey-black cover of the Pitch Black edition, what drew me to this particular notebook were the dotted-grid pages. The dots make it easy to write in straight lines and can be doodled over without taking away from the picture like lines on lined paper. They also can be connected to make charts and tables.
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