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Marcus David ·
Beautiful fountain pen which writes just as beautifully. Feels very balanced to hold when posted, and the grip guides your hand to write smoothly. It looks very modern and minimalist, and suits perfectly with any similar themed EDCs. The pocket clip is very strong and is comfortable to carry daily, as it is practically weightless. My only concern would be on the strength of the cap, as has come off in my pocket before.
Eric Lee ·
Nice pen. Good quality and looks great in white.
Jon S ·
Safari Green - with hand mixed ink to match the color of the pen
Mike ·
filled with Bay State Blue.
I find using a fountain pen better than a rollerball or ballpoint for taking notes, as it flows faster, just a personal preference though. A good pen is absolutely necessary for a student.
Randy Blevins ·
Fountain pen on-the-go.
KateKarl Lanier ·
I'm a writing snob in general. I love the look and feel of the fountain pen. I usually fill this one with Noodler's black ink, but it currently has Herbin's orange scented because I felt festive.
Alex ·
Love the design and grip. The flow is more the negative and the cartridge that came with it is blue ink. Will change to black once completely used. I wish the ink flow was closer to Pilot fountain pens.
Sturdy, reliable and not prone to leaking. Feels good in the hand and writes smoothly. An exceptionally good value.
David Williams ·
I just think better when writing with a fountain pen. The Lamy is a great everyday carry pen to keep your thoughts flowing to your Moleskine or Leuchtturm Notebooks (I like to use both).
Karen Knowlton ·
great fountain pen.
wouldn't be without them.
Karen Knowlton ·
Zach S Banks ·
My main writing instrument.
I use Noodler's Heart of Darkness ink.
Rob Hamilton ·
Stylish, tough and very affordable pen from Lamy. Nibs are excellent quality and easy to replace if damaged, cartridge refills travel easily, the clip is strong. I have five fountain pens, and for day-to-day use the Lamys are always first choice over a couple of much more expensive alternatives.