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Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21 Reviews (11 total)

The primary cutter. Plain blade
Kai ·
Sebenza 21 large with bog oak inlays
Jorne ·
With black Micarta inlays.
Josh ·
My CRK Large 21 is a Classic, literally and figuratively. Can't go wrong with a CRK!
Josh ·
I'm a huge fan of CRK so when I found this Classic Sebenza on eBay, I had to jump on it. I was amazed that it is an almost 20 yr old knife and it came to me absolutely BNIB! It's definitely one that'll never leave the collection.
Kenneth Keh ·
Black micarta inlays
Received as a gift when I was naturalized! A left handed version with LASER etched stars and stripes. Very well made, stands up to punishement.
Alex Kahn ·
Life changing quality
Craig Shipp ·
I carry the Sebenza in a sheath by Bob Schrap.
Jeremy Shoemake ·
I love the black Micarta scale inlays on this blade. They are both useful and attractive.
Robert Razavi ·
What and awesome knife! Just had a look at their web site... Too bad it's out of reach with the sorry state of the Canadian dollar...