Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer


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I try to keep it in my car as a mini go bag
One of the best EDC products I've purchased. This is a great organiser and great size for daily use. Five stars
Very nice, made much better than the condor one I have.
Very functional
Will tag later if there's interest.
Maxpedition Mini Extended Pocket organizer
Inside I have
2 usb cords
Sticky note tabs
Chap stick
Travel scissors
Eye glass repair kit
Car charger
Vick’s inhaler
Bic lighter
Tide pen
2 spare AAA batteries
Usb C flash drive
AUX cord with Apple adapter
Leatherman bit kit and extension
Finger nail clippers
Tools and survival equipment.
Carries a lot considering it's size
More items in pouch that are not shown that I will list in my description.
Filled with my custom EDC Kit.
Maxpedition Mini for First Aid
Just bought one to use as a small tools organizer for my shooting range bag. Great way to keep Allen wrenches, Mosin firing pin gauge tool and assorted bits and pieces from getting lost.
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