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Josh ·
this carries the following:
Opinel 9 folding knife
ozark trail multitool
pocket bellows
CRKT Pryma
penlight flashlight
Hams Kenoby ·
Tamaño de 4 x 6 x 0.75 pulgadas.
Compartimento principal de apertura completa con doble cremallera
Interior izquierdo: bolsillo deslizante; llavero; organizador elástico con 6 divisiones Interior derecho: bolsillo deslizante; lazo de amarre; organizador elástico con 4 divisiones.
jesus gallardo ·
the very popular maxpedition mini gear pouch.
I've had my Maxpedition pouch for years. Fits perfectly in my messenger bag front pocket and keeps a variety of daily gear (pens, tapes, headphones, first aid, etc) organized and easily accessible. Durable and well made. My only complaint is the hook on a string, I personally find the length and placement odd. Any time I've used it I find the item is in the way.
Nicholas Chopp ·
Holds the trauma gear shown below.
EDC for DJF ·
Contents of Pouch:
Dango Products Wallet
Tec Accessories Inch worm
Tec Accessories Ko-Axis Titanium Rail Pen
Tec Accessories Ti-Pry Bar
MecArmy TPX 22 Titanuim Pen
Nite Ize Bottle Opener
Lumintop Ti Tool AAA Titanium Flashlite
Field Book Note Book
Chicago Comb Stainless Steel Comb (not visible).
Cleat ·
Very functional
BurgerBuddy ·
Will tag later if there's interest.
Janrick Uy ·
The best!
Nick Giordano ·
Maxpedition Mini Extended Pocket organizer
Joel ·
Inside I have
2 usb cords
Sticky note tabs
Chap stick
Travel scissors
Eye glass repair kit
Car charger
Vick’s inhaler
Bic lighter
Tide pen
2 spare AAA batteries
Usb C flash drive
AUX cord with Apple adapter
Leatherman bit kit and extension
Finger nail clippers
Dave E ·
Tools and survival equipment.
Seth ·
Carries a lot considering it's size
Paul Vogt ·
More items in pouch that are not shown that I will list in my description.
Chase ·
Filled with my custom EDC Kit.
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