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Eric Lee ·
Perfect small carry tool! Looks amazing and find myself using the scissors almost everyday.
Res ·
Lovely little sak great for daily life perfect for the pocket if you have no use for the tooth pick or tweezers!
Michael Mutant ·
Keychain EDC perfection.
Lucca LAbbate ·
Gotta love the purple 2016 model.
Ethan ·
Boyen ·
This covers some nice essentials for every day. I think it is actually my most used tool. It's also extremely light and durable and just works. Tested and proven, time and time again. For its weight it's hard to beat it.
Andreas Theodoulou ·
Darren ·
If I’m going to carry keys, they might as well be multi purpose.
Thomas Ferguson ·
thanks EVERYDAYCARRY.COM (i won this in a giveaway) the little gold tag says "regret nothing"
Dominic Mercier ·
This I use all the time.