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I love the weight and feel of this pen whenever I write with it.
Love the weight and feel of this pen when I'm writing with it.
Parker 0.7 Gel cartridge
It's sturdy construction and smooth ballpoint refill make a perfect note taking pen.
I have owned rotting before and their quality is out of this world. Built like a tank, love the weight, consistent fit and finish and they just feel good. I really like them as they are top-notch quality, but they don't scream "look at me" like a Mont Blanc (own 2 of them.) I am a Financial Advisor and I need to balance the feels/writes/looks nice with I just made a ton of money and I have 2 $200 pens in my pocket. So - this is a great blend and balance. ESPECIALLY when you put the Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 refill in this pen. Oh.My.Goodness. BUTTER! Hands down, my favorite writing pen I have ever owned...and I have an embarrassingly large number of pens, etc. So - you will like the weight, the width is more like a standard pen (not super thick like a Mont Blanc) and with this refill - amazing flow.
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