Victorinox Swiss Army Waiter Pocket Knife Reviews

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Victorinox Swiss Army Waiter Pocket Knife Reviews (5 total)

Real pocket staff. Instead of corkscrew I would rather phillips screwdriver
Victorinox have a world renowned name with some world class tools. for me the waiter is my favourite, you don't feel it in your pocket and it has a uk legal blade, perfect
First EDC knife ever.
It has the tweezers, toothpick and the mini screwdriver in the corkscrew.
I customized this Waiter to have a phillips-head driver instead of a corkscrew. It now has one custom chambray micarta scale and one teak scale (reverse, not shown), plus the titanium pocket clip
This is the rarer economy scales version that doesn't have a toothpick or tweezers.
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