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General Mayhem ·
Great, this is my third kindle, and whilst i use my iphon or ipad for pretty much everything else, i do prefer to read books on a kindle, its just better on the eyes, and this kindle cant really be faulted, its quick, battery life is great, about the only thing you could complain about is the very basic (in terms of functionality) operating system, but then its only pretending to be a book (or a library of books) so actually does it need to do more than it already does? Probably not..
Vince ·
Amazon cant make a tablet or phone for shit, but the Kindle is the only way to consume books.
Scott Hutcheson ·
Had this for a few years now and constantly use it.
To read in spare time.
Andrzej ·
Old version: 2013 but still the best and doing a good job.
Mateusz Lyska ·
3rd Gen
Henry Jungerman ·
With blue amazon case
Tony ·
Kindle Paperwhite & Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Premium Leather Cover
Matt K ·
Perfect for reading medical journals on the toilet.
Fernando Torres ·
My friendly Book
Barry Allen ·
The Kindle Paperwhite is the best way that I've come across to consume books & that is the singular purpose for which it was designed. I love regular books, but I love always having my entire library at my fingertips more. Before owning it, I was using the Kindle app on my iPad, but reading on the Paperwhite is a completely different experience. The iPad's screen produces a lot of glare, but this device's screen is matte which makes it readable in any lighting condition. It is extremely lightweight, it has storage for thousands of books, and the battery life lasts for weeks. A bonus feature is that my content syncs with the Kindle app across all of my devices. If I'm ever without my Paperwhite I can pick up wherever I left on my reading on my iPad or iPhone & vice versa. If you love to read, this is a great piece of tech that has added a lot of value to my life.
David M ·
Kindle E-Reader with whispernet 3G
Christopher Tilley ·
Protected by a Fintie case
Seth McCombs ·
So many people have something to say about why regular books are way better than a E-Reader, and while I love the feel of a real book, my real books aren't back-lit to read in bed at night. Secondly - I love having 100s of books at my fingertips, especially if the books you're reading are larger in size, save room in your bag!
Nicholas Chopp ·
On person. Fits in OCP cargo pockets. Love it.
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