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Strong and useful tool. Goes everywhere with me. All the tools are strong and wire cutters are perfect for electricians. Use this tool more than 5 yes a day!!
In Germany you aren't allowed to carry everything, so i went with the rebar which is perfectly legal because it doesn't have one hand accessable blades.
Carried on belt in custom sheath on left side
IMHO best value for money. Feels WAY more durable than cheaper models and offers many tools. If Rebar and Wave had the same price, i would still choose Rebar!
it's tiny monster
Carried behind magazine pouch.
Gift from nephew. Indispensable when I was a cop. Taking of license plates. Fixing door locks, Sawing plastic bumper covers on damaged cars, sawing scrap for camp fire when I’m playing commandos with boys. Picking up spent shell casings at a crime scene. Picking up a hot metal cup over a fire. Disassembling and building whatever with boys. Honey dos.
Awesome, durable, the name says it all.
Got this a couple weeks ago for my first father's day and it's already seen plenty of use.
Stays on my bag
I keep this on my backpack.
With molle Velcro pouch
Just purchased this and love it! ! I've everyday carried a Gerber diesel or leatherman wingman for around a year but this is the EDC MT FOR ME
Best leatherman for you if you feel nostalgic for their original tool designs. Comes complete with bad ass cutters.
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