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Best Wallet on the market today, no more BI/TRI FOLDS.
Trayvax makes some great durable, minimalist wallets. Can be used as a weapon if in a pitch.
Good Solid wallet which easy ambidextrous operation. Also MADE IN THE USA
My Trayvax ascent I’ve had for 2.5 years and it has never let me down and the smaller knife my grandfather gave me unsure of the brand and the kershaw cryo was a father’s d gift I absolutely love it. It doe everything you need to be able to do I have a Stanley black stainless Steel flask too but my daughter was playing with it empty of course and I don’t know where she put it lol. Thanks for everything you do on YouTube Taylor keep up the awesome work.

Looking for a budget friendly key tool pry bar for like 25$ and a brass flashlight with pocket clip nothing to much I’m looking to spend 70$ for both thanks in an advance
Weaponised capitalism
Patina is getting better and better. Use Filson wax for upkeep.
Excellent wallet for up to 4 cards. RFID blocker.
Mississippi Mud - worn out now.
Cool little card carry for front pocket.
Trayvax summit
New addition. Love it so far!
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