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After a few years of using the DaLuca ballistic nylon strap after the original strap broke the hard plastic that retains the strap pins has broken off, so I've upgraded to a G-Shock
A Casio F91W-1, the time tested classic. I used to wear expensive watches, but lately I prefer the utility of something both reliable and practically disposable. I disassembled this, removed the branding/labelling on the face, and inverted the screen for a more minimal look.
with ArtStyle 3-ring Zulu strap
All plastic so it doesn’t damage any surface you’re working on.
A good everyday watch. Can be used in most conditions. Simply put it on and forget about it.
cheap, small, does the job!
The cheapest all time classic watch you can have. Light and durable.
slim, cheap, perfection
With canvas strap
Found on top of Gros Morne!