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its just the best
It's just a beautiful knife. With the prefect buck heat treatment 10/10
no longer my EDC since I lost it, but the custom shop has great options for its replacement.
My father bought me this knife when I was 12 years old before deer hunting. This thing has been used to cut up more deer than I can count. Not to mention other countless small game and the occasion fish in a pinch( yes you can get it sharp enough to fillet a fish). While it does maintain an edge well it's not terrible to put one back on. The back on this thing is still as stiff as when I first got it even though I have use it as a chisel to crack several pelvic bones on old bucks. This is by far the best folding knife I have ever held in my hand and probably the oldest piece of edc gear I own.
Big blade for big jobs plus a classic look
My 1980's
A tank! Obviously sheath carry.
Buck quality.
Definitely a Pakistan knock off but the knife is great and I got it for 7 bucks at an Army Surplus.
A beautiful knife
Carried in change pocket
The one and only, Buck.
Great classic knife
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