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Great little folding knife. Light and sharp.
Special edition collaboration with topo designs
Had this going on 6 years now. its does things like peeling garlic, opening boxes and cutting paracord.
My grandfather always had an Opinel on him and I followed suit. Not fancy or feature-rich but rock solid and reliable (and non-threatening to security and casual observers.)
Oak handle with black carbon steel blade
Customized Opinel No. 8
Mildly customized.
cheap easy knife
Awesome knife. Blade is over 3 inches. Easy to get razor sharp and the wood handle looks and feels great. A little bulky in my pocket, but for the quality and price, I'll sacrifice the extra space.
The carbon steel blade is sharp, sharpens easily, and even develops a nice patina. I love this knife.
Forced Citrus Patina
I love it for hunting and food processing.
One of my favorites to carry, blade is sharp and easy to keep it razor sharp. I have several Opinels and this is perfect.
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