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Opinel No. 8 Reviews (29 total)

Eric Nicholson ·
Great utility knife.
Rheza Raveline Leo ·
A classic choice
Cori G ·
Modded opinel No. 8 with the Green Ranger
Cori G ·
Full custom Opinel made for me by my friend Pete
Cori G ·
Also another custom job by Pete
Mike Taschler ·
Did a little customization job on this one 😉
Benjamin Fjerdingstad ·
Great little folding knife. Light and sharp.
Frank Sindler ·
Stainless #8
Mike Macfadden ·
Special edition collaboration with topo designs
Had this going on 6 years now. its does things like peeling garlic, opening boxes and cutting paracord.
My grandfather always had an Opinel on him and I followed suit. Not fancy or feature-rich but rock solid and reliable (and non-threatening to security and casual observers.)
Will Ehster ·
Oak handle with black carbon steel blade
Ben Rial ·
Customized Opinel No. 8
Stephen M ·
Mildly customized.
cheap easy knife
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