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Gianluca Stefanini ·
With pocket clip
With custom leather belt holster.
Bill ·
Great tool the belt clip was bought separately.
Bill ·
Best tool to have has everything you need belt clip sold separately.
Joshua ·
In my leatherman pouch I carry a lighter, my microstream rechargeable, my chapstick, and my dads edc Old Timer pocket knife.
Al3xKmbll ·
The best EDC multitool
Mark Camber-thomas ·
30 years old… still going strong
Al3xKmbll ·
The most EDCable multitool ever!!!! IMHO
Marcus G ·
The original Wave. I don't use the cutters much, if I need to cut wire I usually have my "real" tools. But I just like having the original not sold anymore!
Niko Huupponen ·
Perfect multitool and just basic leathercase to carry it, come's with me when need to really fix somenthing.
Gen 1, no replaceable wire cutters
Josh ·
Wave with bits, bit extender, a mini maglite, and a black Fisher Space Pen Bullet in the pouch.
Riccardo Roselli ·
For me the best Multi-Tool ever made
Giovanni ·
The best, single most useful tool i keep on me.
Jorge Mata ·
Can’t go anywhere without my wave.
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