Coast HX5 Reviews (6 total)

Coast HX 5 in a BPS Redhead knife case.
In case the lights go out, walking home late at night, etc.
I have the HX5R. It's not a bad rechargeable light for the price ($30). It comes with a rechargeable CR123 and USB cable, but it will also run on a regular CR123. The USB connector for charging is under the tail cap, so there's no switch there, which is my only complaint. Otherwise, it's a good vehicle/bedside light. I wouldn't mount it to a firearm, but I trust it for normal use.
Compact, bright, and great beam control
This little single A works well! That reverse hat clip is Handy too.
My coast light isn't the brightest, but in a pinch it's invaluable for lighting the situation at hand.
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