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There is a reason that the this particular light is a favorite among readers on this site, it is a piece of engineering genius at a very reasonable price. Weighing in at just 1.9 oz it is extremely EDC friendly and the 900 lumen output is staggering for its size. The magnetic USB charging system is easy to use and it will stick to any ferrous metal so you can work hands-free. For $65, I think this is one of the best EDC investments in my kit.
This light easily fits in the palm of my hand and can deliver an unbelievable 500 lumens. Not only can it tail stand, the tail can attach to any magnetic surface too, giving you upward, downward, and sideways hands-free illumination.
Maybe Best EDC light for pocket carry.
I have the S10R and love it. However, oLight now has the S1R Baton at 900 lumens and exact same size. Both lights are fantastic for EDC and you can't go wrong with either. As matter of fact, you just can't beat any oLight Flashlight's, there the best.
Best light for the money in my opinion, all the features you could want plus 500 lumens! crazy bright for the size
To be honest, I HAD one. I said HAD because after a few months of use it died on me. The battery was fine, but when it broke, the flashlight would just flicker dimly. It was a very good light initially, but I have a lot of questions about it's longevity. I just purchased another one that doesn't have the rechargeable base, just a plain Olight S2. Sad because I really liked the magnetic base and the intensity and different modes.
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