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Davin Turner ·
Great watch when you know how to use it why it's made the way it is, I understand complaints about hard to see face during the day but it is a tactical watch and if you use your face as the reflection it's very easy to read!
Vince Nt ·
The equalizer :)
Reggie Ringgold ·
Just like the Rangeman, great tool to have. I love them both.
John B. ·
This is my favorite watch of all time! Suunto Core All Black. It has many different functions that are practical for any outdoorsman. I wear it everyday. Favorite function: the storm alarm.
These are a good deal, going for just over a $100 these days. Downside is yearly (if not sooner) battery changes. Otherwise, solid watch...
Kanto ·
Not shown Suunto core all black
Custom double cobra braid para-cord band I made myself
KG Francis ·
With Jay & Kay Fixed Lug Adapter Kit & 5 Ring Zulu
Simon ·
Two piece Du Luca 24mm nato strap
Is this still one of the better options on the market? I'm looking at making a decision today and it looks like the Core is what I'm going to get... Especially with it being on sale right now... Thoughts??
Second more expensive watch i purchased coming off a citizen eco drive.
I don't leave home without it, its sleek, strong and looks great. Functions are plentiful and easy to use. However the buttons are a bit hard to press since i swam in the indian ocean with it
Great watch but can be glitchy at times.
J Keating ·
Love this watch. Great for everyday use.
J Keating ·
Just got this. Used to rock the Vector but they fall apart after awhile. I love the Core. Its a Vector on steroids.