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By far my favorite Leatherman. The sidekick is definitely my EDC multi tool of choice.
I love this tool, I've used it for everything from work around the house at work and on my son's bike.
Love this MT. I just bought my second because I lost my first but loved it too much to do without.
Very good I used this on a camping trip the blade is very sharp. I didn't get the sheath with it as it was a gift form a family friend.
Great multi-tool for the price.
My favorite Leatherman!
A simple multitool that works for everyday tasks
Leatherman sidekick recent to my EDC, replacing my Surge for weight considerations.
I swap this out with the wingman for the scissor option if I know I'll be in the clinic all day long.
I love this multi tool, I like the pocket clip.
Love the security this tool brings me. Knowing that I'm prepared for anything is a great comfort and you can't beat a Leatherman
Fits nicely in a pocket or on your belt. Never gets in the way as you move around all day long.
I have just got this so i dont know how this multi tool is going to work for my edc yet
Modified to switch the blade to a pair of scissors.
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