Leatherman Squirt ES4

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I've carried this daily for over a year. It is pretty handy, especially if you work around low voltage network and AV wiring all day. I keep it tethered to an OLight i3E-EOS with a little cable keychain. Absolutely perfect match. If you require pliers for anything other than very light duty and pretty small things, this won't be the tool for that as it only has a tiny somewhat thin plier tip above the strippers. The 2D phillips, flat, scissors, and wirestrippers are extremely handy. If you work with a lot of pheonix/captive screw type connections, the 2D philips can be used on the tiny flat captive screw if you don't happen to have a tweaker on you.
An amazing electronics tool
Black. Birthday present from my brother. It does get used; very handy.
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