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Used on a daily. I have 5 that I share with my son.
Chas ·
Tungsten, copper, Damascus, 24kt mirror, and black zirconium with a 24kt gold dock. They're some of my most cherished possessions!
Thor ·
Mine's the cast iron top. I have the base at my desk. Cast iron as I build train lines for a living.
Cast Iron
Pavel ·
Awful service! I ordered a pack of spins and paid with my friend's credit card. A couple of days later I received an email from Viktor that they won't send anything to me because I tried to pay with 3 different cards and only last one went through, and he asked to provide with ID document (passport, ID card) and credit card's photo. I refused to do that because my friend doesn't feel comfortable to provide ID docs to a company she doesn't know. So I asked to cancel and refund my money. Viktor/Foreverspin refused to do that and said he needs these documents and I won't get my money back until I provide these documents to him. So my friend had no other choice but to report this transaction as fraudulent to get the money back. After that Viktor started to accuse me that I used stolen cards and he is going to report that to authorities.

The customer service is absolutely incompetent. They groundlessly accused me of using stolen cards and I have emails confirming that. I am going to review this company and provide with all these proofs on other forums/websites so people know how Foreverspin (especially Viktor) sometimes behaves.

It seems like this company is collects customers data for unknown reason. Seems like SCAM and nothing else!

They stole my time and nerves.

Chas ·
You should try seeing it from ForeverSpin's perspective. Given the circumstances, I'm sure they thought they were protecting a consumer.
Truth Hurts ·
Pavel, stop being a sniveling little twit and get your own damn credit/debit card. I'm with Forever Spin and Chas, you're to blame for the entire scenario.
Thor ·
I use this as desktop meditation. I have the cast iron one, as I build train lines for a living. It’s appropriate.
Thor ·
I have the cast iron top with the stand . I keep them on my desk at work. If I take them anywhere, they fit perfectly in the saddleback leather folding case that came with the front pocket ID wallet.
Don Dewar ·