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Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer Reviews

From Maxpedition


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Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer Reviews (15 total)

Paul Pearson ·
Rafael Moriel ·
Perfect size pouch, holds quite a bit of stuff. Has internal pockets, bands and straps to contain and organize your stuff internally. Also has Velcro on the outside for morale patches.
Strych9 ·
Six pens, three sharpies, small notebook, 3x tubes of various OTC meds, Mini Griptillian, ABD Combine Pad, paper clips, mini stapler.
Bigjoe ·
Really great to organize your EDC backup stuff to store in a pack or vehicle.
David L ·
love, love, love this organizer! i can put a ton of my edc stuff in here. great maxpedition quality, very rugged, and again, you can put so many different edc items in this thing...it's unreal!
Old Oak ·
This is the only thing I've found that will easily stow my MacBook Air Charge Cord and Adapter plus my backup battery for iPhone and iPad (Anker 6000MaH). I don't like the option of wrapping the cords around the adapter - turns everything into an ugly white plastic and wire ball and takes up more volume that it should. I've tried the CableStable idea but I prefer this.
John B. ·
Wow, the things you can fit into this!!! I love this thing!
George ·
first aid kit
Lots of organization, with elastic and pockets. Tough as nails!
Thatguythere ·
I use this as a back up edc. I keep it in the vehicle I’m in at the time
I keep mine in the car stocked with all the necessities that I don't like to keep in my pockets… Flashlight, multi tool, tape measure, duct tape, mirror, etc.
Paul Tobeck ·
This thing it literally a bottomless pit! Amazed at how much you can stuff in here, it takes restraint not to put EVERYTHING in it. I'm now thinking this is going to be a general repair tool pack and I'll pick up a Maxpedition EDC or Skinny just for EDC items.
This First Aid kit mostly is focused on stopping major blood loss.
Gerald Villaflores ·
Maxpedition Fatty great use for my little tool bag.
Great to keep edc organized for travel and when not in pockets