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Outstanding EDC knife. Has amazing ergonomics with a good amount of real estate, also a decent quality steel. Definitely good value for money and worth a buy, especially if considering for a first EDC knife.
The Spyderco tenacious is awesome it has a good action it feels good in the hand and the clip is really strong my only complaint is the Quality Steel I wish it was D2 or better
Spyderco's value folder, but a great knife none the less. Smooth operation, feels good in your hand
To be honest I don't really like the Tenacious. I think it's too bulky and the blade is too big or too short.
Black-Out Spyderco Tenacious
Introduced to spyderco by a coworker, he has the PM2 but that's a little out of my price range so I settled for the tenacious. Great all black knife plus I love the spdy-flick. My favourite way to open a knife now.
Great first EDC knife, love Spyderco.
Beautiful simple knife. It had a few oxidation spots on the blade after about a week but I used turtle wax and cleaned it and it has been perfect since
i will be changing the scales to Copper an acid washing the blade
Execellent budget knife with a decent edge and good blade size.
Handmade resin scales
Hoping to upgrade soon
Bought this first then bought the paramilitary 2. Great buy I love both knives, and carry both.
Great Budget edc knife !!
First spyderco so far, love it will buy more
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