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Noe Escobar ·
Mike ·
Although a budget folder, this 8cr13mov comes close to hair splitting sharp out of the box and keeps its edge even with daily use for the past year. This one is in my pockets 95% of the time.
Even after using this budget knife for over a year, I’ve only had to strop it to touch up the sharpness.
Devin Duncan ·
Maybe the best folder I've ever owned. I use it for everything, every day.
Tenacious Light weight Combo blade
One of the best budget friendly knives!!!
Mason ·
Beautiful piece
Cori G ·
Spyderco tenacious mod by my homie Pete
Cori G ·
Modded by my friend Pete
David Humphries ·
Removed the belt clip to ensure that I do not loose the knife. Very nice and sharp from the maker.
Odie Green ·
I acid etched and stonewashed the blade and clip. I also made custom micarta scales.
Seth ·
Spyderco Tenacious with scales I made myself and a 3D printed backspacer from 3DPrintedbyBryan on Etsy.
mvxxwvll ·
Black-Out Spyderco Tenacious
Kent Lieu ·
Introduced to spyderco by a coworker, he has the PM2 but that's a little out of my price range so I settled for the tenacious. Great all black knife plus I love the spdy-flick. My favourite way to open a knife now.
Matt McKinney ·
Great first EDC knife, love Spyderco.
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