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Nite Ize S-Biner #3 Reviews

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Nite Ize S-Biner #3 Reviews (11 total)

Taylor R ·
Least favorite part of my edc, stuff comes off if it all of the time
Does what t says on the packet. I have my just hooked to my backpack as a back up. Did use it for my keys but ended up getting the smaller version.
FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. For the first time in my tenure as an adult on this planet, I lost a key ring off my belt-loop and 'Nite-Ize' is to blame. All throughout undergraduate, all through grad school, through a dozen entry-level jobs, taking into account my relocating from a college town to the Big Apple, many trips overseas, and residing in a series of five apartments I have NEVER ONCE lost a keychain. My mistake for trying something new. I tell ya...stick with what works. New things are no good. For years I always deployed a cheap, standard, simple key 'biner you can purchase at any 7-11 counter. And it always always always worked. But within 1 month of my purchase of Nite-Ize, I got the shaft. Locked out of my abode. It just so happened I didn't have access to my spare set of keys on this occasion (this past weekend) and so I found myself locked out of my dwelling-place at 1230 am which meant I had to taxi back to my workplace and curl up on a floor to pass the night. Not only that, but my residence has two Medeco locks and so that meant that the locksmith was able to gouge me for a $600 fee to drill them out and replace them. Six HUNDRED fish. Thanks (for nothing), Nite Ize. Bad design. Great looks but bad design. Friends, in my opinion you just can't tell when a Nite-Ize keychain slips off your belt, the 'tactile feedback' to your palm when you're attaching it is not clear enough. It's not hefty enough. The thing can be un-firmly secured and you never know til its too late. I demand restitution!
Patrick Rudnicky ·
Locking mechanism on the side with the key fob
pdrift ·
I use a section of clear heat shrink tubing to keep it from opening.
Mark Bless ·
Keyfob & homemade "Faith" lanyard
Michael Mutant ·
Joshua ·
The good ol' S-Biner. Still haven't found a more reliable and suitable replacement for this. I mean that truly: it's not very good I just haven't found better (please help, I'd love to replace it)
laura ralph ·

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Rene ·
small and wonderful
Jimmy Frey ·
Thinking about replacing this guy. My key-rings slip out every once in a while..