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This works well for suspending keys in a pants pocket. Clip one end to your keys, drop your keys in your pocket, and clip the other end to the edge of your pocket. The gate applies just enough pressure to the fabric that it never comes out, even while running.
Awesome little piece to keep everything in order, not to small to use but not to big to be bulky!
what more do i need to say lol
Bottle opener. Carabiner
Hooks/clips and these S-Biners come in so handy constantly in so many ways. I have 2 #2's, a #3 and #4 in my molle pouch that all serve a purpose and get used for other things here and there. Ive also removed all the zipper pulls off of my backpack and replaced them all with different size S-Biners.
Used it to connect multiple items
Attached to paracord then to pocketknife.
modified with o-rings for key retention
w/ Harley Davidson key

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Used as a keychain