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Oscar Rodriguez ·
Great clippers and much better file on this than on the swiss knives.
By far the best portable nail clipper I have ever used!
Ken Tsukiyama ·
My young daughter's grow talons overnight, I call them Freddie and Krueger, a must for me.
Romeu Filho ·
I’ve wrote my name on it with a laser machine
Jason Boals ·
So many uses. My wife goes for these herself.
Greg ·
It's one of those things that you don't realize how often you will use it until you have it. The design is brilliant! I keep this in my Yellow Birch PocKit and use it all the time. Makes for a great fidget toy on top of its obvious purpose.
Best nail clippers ever!
One word: CLUTCH!
I play guitar, gotta keep the nails trimmed
Awesome EDC nail clippers.
tabs ·
Solid and compact