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Gerber 22-41830 EAB Pocket Knife Reviews

From Gerber


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Gerber 22-41830 EAB Pocket Knife Reviews (11 total)

Awesome product, owned for four years and used daily forty hours a week at work!
Always in my 5th pocket. Beat it like a red-headed stepchild
Picked this little guy up from Amazon, dirt cheap. Amazing build quality, uses a replacable blade, and is much nicer for opening things than my Kershaw.
Really is a great product
I love the size so much
Irwin bi-metal blade
Had for a week and been using it. Works great the only negative so far is the mechanism to close is very tight.
Saves my actual knife from opening boxes. Great for utility cutting.
Just got it and like it but could be better if:
1. There was an incision where the Blade is mounted, you could open it a lot easier with one hand. If I was Gerber I would definately make that in v3
2. The pocket clip should be the other way around for right handed people imho
I own this utility knife and I'm not a huge fan. The clip falls off/out of place all the time, the edges are not very comfortable while using. It is a great idea that didn't seem fully completed to me. I keep it in my go bag just because it's such a tiny box knife.
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