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Gerber 22-41830 EAB Pocket Knife Reviews

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Gerber 22-41830 EAB Pocket Knife Reviews (11 total)

Zach ·
Awesome product, owned for four years and used daily forty hours a week at work!
Timothy Schmoll ·
Always in my 5th pocket. Beat it like a red-headed stepchild
Picked this little guy up from Amazon, dirt cheap. Amazing build quality, uses a replacable blade, and is much nicer for opening things than my Kershaw.
w.l200 ·
Really is a great product
I love the size so much
Kyle C ·
Irwin bi-metal blade
Alex ·
Had for a week and been using it. Works great the only negative so far is the mechanism to close is very tight.
Scott ·
Saves my actual knife from opening boxes. Great for utility cutting.
Bas ·
Just got it and like it but could be better if:
1. There was an incision where the Blade is mounted, you could open it a lot easier with one hand. If I was Gerber I would definately make that in v3
2. The pocket clip should be the other way around for right handed people imho
John ·
I own this utility knife and I'm not a huge fan. The clip falls off/out of place all the time, the edges are not very comfortable while using. It is a great idea that didn't seem fully completed to me. I keep it in my go bag just because it's such a tiny box knife.
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