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This version is the 130 lumen, I also like the Jetbeam Jet Micro but this one matches our car, so it's what I carry for now.
This is a cheap little light and I like it more than my Fenix E05 because the Fenix modes started to get really hard to change. I use this light more than everything else on the list other than maybe my phone.
Picked this light up on a whim after reading something about it being good. Great light for a good price. It runs off off AAAs making it very affordable to operate. My only grip after getting to like it so much was the keychain felt like it was weak. I pulled It off and replaced it with 100lbs test line looped, then tied that in a larkshead knot to a small S-biner. It has held steadfast for about two years now, still works great, had to replace the battery twice since I like to run it on high. 9/10 no regrets.
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