Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen Raw Brass


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Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen Raw Brass
My Notepen is the Fisher Spacepen Raw Brass
With Fisher green medium point ink cartridge.
This works great for me. I have a clip, but most frequently leave it off. This pen disappears in my cargo shorts. It is fits well in my front pocket when wearing Levis.
Great patina on a fantastic pen. Brown medium ink.
You already know about this one,right?
Loving this pen! Had it for a couple weeks and a beautiful patina is already starting to show, can't wait to see how it turns out.
Got the pen as a gift, and I'm loving the patina, just like with the keychain. And although I do not carry a notebook, I still find myself using it everyday when taking notes in class or writing thoughts down.
The one and only pen anyone needs.
Love the patina that's happening.
My favorite Fisher Space Pen. Brass might be my favorite metal and this pen is aging beautifully.
Distressed customized. Started as Cherry red
A twist on something awesome already
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