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Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen Raw Brass Reviews

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Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen Raw Brass Reviews (22 total)

Richard ·
Love my Space Pens one is never enough.
Paul C. Aouss ·
I’ve always wanted to have a true fisher space pen to complete my EDC, but being so difficult to find and twice as expensive, I finally was able the purchase one a few days. And I’m very happy with it so far.
Noah Brock ·
Hides in pocket due to its small size when closed but if opens its nearly a full size pen
Ragnarocker ·
I always wanted one of these when I was a kid, I love the story behind these and its a reliable instrument for taking notes, writing lyrics and music and drawing ideas!
Ken ·
The patina is coming along nicely.
Jay-me Green ·
Love this pen, and the brass means it develops some character
On My Person ·
I think everybody has this, don’t you?
Went with raw brass and love it, still working on a good patina.
Tony ·
Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen Raw Brass
EverydaycarryDK ·
My Notepen is the Fisher Spacepen Raw Brass
Matt ·
With Fisher green medium point ink cartridge.
Randy ·
This works great for me. I have a clip, but most frequently leave it off. This pen disappears in my cargo shorts. It is fits well in my front pocket when wearing Levis.
neoaeon ·
Great patina on a fantastic pen. Brown medium ink.
T.A. Epley ·
You already know about this one,right?
Emanuel Melendez ·
Excellent edc pen
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