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If you don't have one, you should.
Love the knife, the locking mechanism is the best part of it.
Not much to say, it is a Benchmade. Love this company and I would trust these knifes with my life. Not only a great knife, but Benchmade has some of the best customer service in the business.
This is one of the best edc knives I have ever owned all though i wish i would have gotten no serrations but thats just me
Benchmade makes, in my opinion some of the best EDC knives on the market
Love my Grip, not quite legal here.
High quality, great customer care
Griptillian H2O with a trout I engraved
I put a small wake notch in
I've carried this knife for over 10 years.
Awesome efc knife 551 model
Custom Scales
Got a defective model:(
This has been the best edc knife i ever had it very ergonomic and i would recommend it
Buddy of mine gave me one of these that he had had for god knows how long, been carrying it ever since! Great knife holds an edge well easy to open. Definitely my go to EDC knife out of the current collection.
Good, easy open, light weight blade. The handle is not my favorite, but it's in my EDC rotation of pocket clip knives.
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