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Prometheus Lights Beta-QRv2 Reviews (9 total)

Super small, easy to remove from the keychain but NEVER comes off unless you want it to. Bright light with 2 settings determined by twist or double twist. Love it.
Silver Beta QR included in weekly rotation.
Patina is coming along nicely
I've got three. One has the pocket clip which is perfect in a suit jacket or sport coat. Two have the traditional WD release . I hang it on the inside top of my TAD black packs so I can easily check th contents. Also keep one tethered in my Tom Bhin Cafe Bag.

The company owner is responsive to questions and just super to deal with . Also recommend any of his other products.
That's QD not WD. 😉
love the natural color light choice! power in a small package. cons: bad with alkaline batteries, newer quick release come off easier less than 10lbs pull IMO, turns on in pocket from every once in a while.
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