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1st gen of the Pebble smartwatch, which works with both iOS (Apple) and Android phones. Black and white epaper screen allows 5-7 days between charging.
Awesome watch! Long lasting battery,cool design and a lot of apps useful for training
First model of Pebble Smartwatch
This one is the grey color Kickstarter edition. Back in 2012 when the Kickstarter project was announced I got so hooked to it that I immediately pre-ordered one. As a person who works in the medical field having a device that lets you check your messages and notifications without the need to touch anything else and contaminate your hands was a huge blessing. Since then I've been using it almost everyday and it is as good as the first day I wore it. This one is rocking a fancy Fossil leather strap I found on a store sale.
Exactly what I need, and not all the bells and whistles. Battery can last a week. Easy to see in the sun.