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Victorinox Classic Signature Lite Reviews

From Victorinox


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Victorinox Classic Signature Lite Reviews (6 total)

I have this in the transparent blue scales. Love this as a key-chain addition. Can't believe I haven't tried EDCing this full-time. Have used the blade, pen, and light almost daily since. I'm worried I might be turning into a minimalist.
Ari ·
7 years in the pocket , saved my day numerous times. Especially the pencil is great…. Led died some years ago, mostly use Spyderco knive….
ChrisMoJo ·
This has been on my keying for 18 years, it’s an incredibly useful little penknife.
Benjamin Hosaflook ·
This is a swiss army signature that is now discontinued. It is extremely close to the signature lite, however. almost no difference.
Andreja ·
Backup knife/multitool.
Derek ·
Also pictured but not tagged a Thrunite Ti3 and a Victorinox Classic