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HanksbyHank Hank Reviews

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HanksbyHank Hank Reviews (8 total)

Trey Pouncey ·
Hank's by Hank great craftsmanship and durability the only bad thing I have to say is that I thought it was bigger when I bought it when it came in the mail it was quite small
Who doesn’t need a good hanky? Pretty much everyone does. I have I think 5-6 of these HanksbyHank handkerchiefs now and they’re all great. This one is obviously the NASA / space nerd version. There is a backside to this one as well. Double sided is fun. It’s also double thick. No matter what kind of schnoz you have this will handle it. Also good for cleaning of glasses and other screens as long as you don’t have boogers on it. Get yourself one or 5.
Kyle Schroeder ·
Because you never know when you’ll need a handkerchief. This particular one from Hanks by Hank has a topographical map pattern that looks really sharp.
Chris Borders ·
Best Hanks on the market!
Travis ·
Dark dapper caddy
Jay Bisel ·
Hanksbyhank Redline Hank
I collect a lot of hanks from various Instagram vendors. This one has to be my favorite. Polka dots in blue on one side and a newspaper print on the other.