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Mediocre at best in every respect except for it's pricing, this is the go-to tool for airports. Most common tasks for my tools are opening boxes and opening bottles, so this checks the boxes. Crucially, the price point is low enough that a power-mad TSA agent confiscating the thing doesn't start or end a trip on a bad note.
Bottle opener there when you need it because you always have your keys. Very light/strong. Nite Ize always makes stuff that lasts.
Good for 5 bucks and nice to have handy, but limited use and questionable quality puts it in the "replace" category for me.
Owen one keep it on my toolchain for whatever.
This is a nice and unobtrusive tool to keep on your keyring. The only disadvantage is that it doesn't always lay flat with your keys. See how long that center opening is where you'll clip it to your key ring? In your pocket, the keyring can move within that entire space, sliding the DooHicKey up and down in relation to your other keys.
trusty scraper and cap remover
Great tool for the keyring, lightweight, useable and cheap!
Nice little cool tool. Really only use the bottle opener and screwdriver, but nice to have it on my key chain. Handy.
This tool is a staple in my edc, it has saved me in many time when a quick screw adjustment was needed or a pry tool and the occasional drink session with friends
Have to open bottles and pry things somehow.
It is the zipper pull on my daily carry backpack, the feont compartment because i use it surprisingly often! All of the other zippers are Niteize s-biners , other than 1 zipper is a compass
Perfect little EDC piece!
Great for tripod screws.
Great cheap pocket pry tool. Bottle opener is finicky.
Pretty convenient to have in a pinch, and a lil' Spare carabiner space is always nice. Sometimes my girlfriend uses the ruler to measure my...uhhh basically she says the Nite-ize Doohicky is alright but "If you really wanted it to be useful they should've added a flashlight to yours"

Your move, Nite-Ize. You guys come up with some cool stuff...but I could really use a flashlight-Doohicky. Still carry it though cause my keys feel empty without it.
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