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Daniel Griffin ·
Just got one a few weeks ago.
Gerald ·
Nice little cool tool. Really only use the bottle opener and screwdriver, but nice to have it on my key chain. Handy.
Davin Turner ·
Great tool for the keyring, lightweight, useable and cheap!
isaac peterson ·
trusty scraper and cap remover
parttimepicker ·
This is a nice and unobtrusive tool to keep on your keyring. The only disadvantage is that it doesn't always lay flat with your keys. See how long that center opening is where you'll clip it to your key ring? In your pocket, the keyring can move within that entire space, sliding the DooHicKey up and down in relation to your other keys.
Albert Valadez ·
Love this for opening my frosty beverages
Myrlguyver ·
The doohickey is a great little tool. It is a flat blade screwdriver, a box opener, a keychain fob and it'll most importantly, open a bottle of beer.
TheEverydayTechr ·
Love this little bottle opener, and it's a great little multi-tool when you're in a pinch!
Dat ·
Mainly used to open beer.
Myrlguyver ·
This is a handy little thing. Mostly.
Vy Nguyen ·
Flat head great for screwing tripod mounts.
Opening beers and opening boxes - 'nuff said.
Aaron S ·
Ground at the tip for increased versatility.
Opens my beers pretty fast.... can't complain! This is also for "hmmmm" where's my knife, oh i got this... Everyday carry that is just nice to have.
Shonny T ·
Great EDC tool!
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