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Minofdef ·
This is my Daily carry/ go-to. Very smooth out of the box and used approximately 6 months with no issues or complaints. Durable and eye catching as well. When the ink finally goes I may try the G2 refill. Update in 6 months but worth the money
Nathan sanchez ·
I am not big on pens (Unless fountain) but I do like having interesting pens. The karas Kustom pen is a great way to incorporate something cool in an everyday pen. Ive had this bolt since they started making them, as in its from the first batch. its served me well this whole time and I love using it. its feels great in the hand, nothing rattles, the bolt action works perfectly. gripes include the clip was useless, it kept loosing tension and wouldn't hold its shape even when bent to add tension. the top "button" unit and the body would constantly come loose to the point the barre separated in my pocket and the button would come off. I even lost the button for several weeks a few times. however a little loctite and the issue has been completely fixed (going on a year now) remember I have a batch 1 so these things may have been fixed by now. I would still buy this pen again
C Nathaniel Von Lind ·
Brilliant pen using the Pilot G2 refill. Heavy solid brass and a joy to use.