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Apple Watch 42mm Reviews

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Apple Watch 42mm Reviews (41 total)

Pavel Shcheglov ·
Ideal company , excellent fitness tracker , even while listening to music directly from the battery to the evening hours, 15-20 % .But still have something to strive for!
Saurabh S Singh ·
Companies like Samsung and Motorola are in the market with their watches, To me the Apple watch and its features seem more reliable and useful as Apple has not only focused in making the watch durable but also the usability and functionality. Am completely In love with the space grey sport version 42mm.
General Mayhem ·
For years Ive been a fan of quality mechanical watches, theres just something about them, maybe its the engineering that goes into manufacturing them, or the quality components and materials used in their construction, i'm fortunate to have been able to collect a few great examples along the way.. so the reality is the Apple Watch should not appeal to me, it is a mass produced electronic watch and thats hardly revolutionary.. but I visited one of our local apple stores on the first day they were available to try and i was immediatley taken with them as was my wife (which made the whole decision a lot easier).. So we ordered two and when they arrived opened the boxes with much anticpation.. my wife had ordered an Apple Watch Sport (38mm), and I had ordered the 42mm apple watch..

First impressions are that this is a quality piece of technology, like my Omega Seamaster the Apple Watch has a sapphire glass front so should hold up to wear and tear very well..the overall finish is excellent, i love the look of the Milanese loop strap (however i do find that the mag catch on teh bracelet slips with my wrist movement and become loose which i dont like).

The watch operating system is still in its infancy, ive just upgraded to Watch OS 2.0, but whilst this does add some nice features includingthe ability to use your own photographs in the watch face, I still feel that it is very much early days still for the Apple Watch, there just (for me) doesnt seem to be a killer app that makes the watch essential, there are some great apps, I love being able to get notifications about my next appointment on my wrist and quickly answer texts, and even track how much exercise ive taken in the day, but i feel that there needs to be more innovation in the development of new apps (and new catagories of apps).. but overall the experience is a positive one, I wear the watch every day and charge it every night, ive not run out of power on any given day, the watch is very comfortable.. i had to replace the strap with a leather loop ( ihave large wrists and this is the only other viable option made by Apple) it also suffers the same slipping problem (but not as badly) - i will say this.. as a watch collector who has purchased many watch bands over the years, the apple ones are very good quality, but to my mind over priced..

I do love my apple watch, but will it replace my other watches? No i dont think so.. i wear the Apple watch everyday as my 'tool' watch, but if i'm going out somewhere for the day or evening, a special occaision say - i'll be wearing a top quality mechanical watch..
Bigjoe ·
This is an excellent 1st generation watch, really good extension of my iPhone. Love the fitness features.
Chris J. ·
Custom Leather Band by @theprospective (Instagram)
Tyler Condie ·
I like the Apple watch for the fitness aspects as well as being able to receive calls hands free. I've used the Maps app on my motorcycle and that is pretty handy as well. I don't use any of the notification features because notifications take my focus from what I'm trying to accomplish.
Ryan Howell ·
with blue sports strap
Evan Darroch ·
Great watch.
Jeff ·
Use it more than I thought I would. My sports updates are a turn of the wrist away.
Shea ·
Black Apple Watch
Vy Nguyen ·
Push notifications without ever having to look at my phone.
This thing is usually living on my right wrist. It's an essential, especially when you have an iPhone, but my only complaint is the battery life. Even with a low battery consumption watch face, I can't expect to get more than 14-16 hours of usage from it.
Easier to stay connected to my sports scores and breaking news.
with an handmade Louis Vuitton Leather strap find on ETSY STORE (Greece)
Florian ·
Not a must-have but nice
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