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Perfect to keep in my pocket during the day or throw in my pack on a hike! The Field Notes Expedition are durable and can take a beating.
I’m a field biologist, and these are perfect - better than Rite-in-the-Rain.
My favorite waterproof notebook so far, it is not too bulky, has some flexibility to it, holds Rite in the Rain waterproof ink really well, and is relatively chemical resistant.
Fits inside wallet
I made the notebook cover myself out of a Klein tools parcel bag, with fishing line string and some fabric glue. It works amazing with the field notes books.
I would like to see a detailed photo of the cover
Writing is important and I would bet no other book holds up like this one
I only bought this to for taking pictures like this.
A must have for any situation, this one doesn't get all sweaty during the summer
This is a great note book for outdoors! Although I find some pens don't write well on the water resistant paper. I use a micro tip sharpie which is excellent.
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